HDTV Indoor Digital Antenna with Amplifier

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The Magnavox MC347 HDTV Digital Antenna comes with a built-in amplifier to boost weak signals and allow you to receive better reception over a wider range. It can also provide 1080p resolution for great quality viewing of your local broadcasts.

Check here to see which channels you can receive in your area.

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Antennas have come a long way, this one provides a built-in amplifier with a 15db boost on weak signals expanding your reception range. It can receive local digital broadcast for up to 20 miles with working frequencies of VHF 174 – 230Mhz and UHF 470 – 862MHz. Adjust the antenna ears for the best possible signals.

• Receives local HD and digital TV broadcast
• Enables 1080p output
• Built in 15dB amplification boost
• Working frequency: VHF 174 - 230MHz  UHF 470 - 862MHz
• Connector type: F male
• Reception range: 20 miles

• 6ft coaxial cord
• AC/DC adapter



Broadcast resolution 720p
Motorized No
Remote control No
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