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For Product Support

  • If your TV, DVD Player/VCR, or Blu-ray Disc Player model ends in F7,
    please complete the online contact form and an authorized representative
    will contact you as soon as available.

  • For questions regarding personal lifestyle products, ear buds/phones, vintage audio and TV or
    if your Magnavox model number (TV and DVD Player/VCR or Blu-ray ) does not end in F7 on the label
    located on the back of your unit, please click here.
    Pour obtenir des renseignements et de l'aide en français, ne pas utiliser le formulaire de demande. Priere d'appeler le numero suivant 866-3471-3738 or 800-605-8610. Merci.
    Para obtener información y asistencia en espanol, por favor no utilice la aplicación. Por favor llame 866-3471-3738 or 800-605-8610. Gracias.

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